28 January 2011

Demam Campak | Rawatan

Now that aliya has recovered from shingles giliran Aydin pulak kena chicken pox. We have anticipated as much because he has yet to get his chicken pox jab after he turned 1 year old and since the incubation period is 2 weeks, all we had to do is wait. True enough, yesterday evening, there was already a blister which had already popped. After 1/2 hour, more spots came out. When I did a thorough body inspection last night where no rocks were unturned (pun intended *grin*), more blisters were discovered. Some big huge scary blisters and some small harmless looking rashes were found. 

So far he's ok. I noticed a slight temperature a few days ago for only a few hours. Also, there were some reddish spots around his mouth which somewhat disappeared a few days back. Other than that he was his usual whiny, hyperactive, vey noisy toddler self. The fever medicine is on standby though just in case. Based on my experience with Aliya who had chicken pox when she was a toddler, its not a traumatic experience for the child. In fact, she seemed noncholant about it all. No itchiness, no pain, no fever, nothing. None. Hopefully her little brother is as strong as his sister.

So far we are only treating him with medication provided by the doctor. Acyclovir, some oral medicine for the itch and lotion for the blisters. Interestingly enough, we always here about avoiding a child with chicken pox from taking a bath. However, the western home remedy for chicken pox is always to take a bath:

(i) using Brown Vinegar
The use of brown vinegar is one of the most important among the several home remedies found beneficial in the treatment of chicken pox. Half a cup of this vinegar should be added to a bath of warm water. This will relieve the irritation of the skin.

(ii) using Oatmeal
A bath of oatmeal is considered a natural remedy for relieving the itch due to chicken pox. This bath is prepared by cooking two cups of oatmeal in two liters of water for fifteen minutes. This mixture is then put into a cloth bag, preferably cotton, and a string is tied tightly around the top. This bag is allowed to float in a tub of warm water, and swished around until the water becomes turbid. Precaution should be taken to ensure that the bag is not torn. The child with chicken pox can splash and play in the water, making sure that water goes over all the scalds, while the pouch of oatmeal can remain in the tub .

(iii) using Pea Water
Green pea water is another effective remedy for relieving irritation of the skin. The water in which fresh peas have been cooked can be used for this purpose.

(iv) using Baking Soda
Baking soda is a popular remedy to control the itching in chicken pox. Some baking soda should be put in a glass of water. The child should be sponged with this water, so that the soda dries on the skin. This will keep the child away from scratching the eruptions.

It was also suggested to smear honey or rub vitamin e onto the skin to expedite the healing process while us, Malaysians are always advised to slather the person with the excretion from daun semambu or bath the person with chicken pox with young coconut water or to drink the coconut water to expedite the healing process. But be cautious when you are trying this method. Only let the person drink or bath with the young coconut water AFTER all the rashes and blisters have come out (not at the early stage) because it can cause scars and prolonge the healing process. Or so they say.

No harm in trying eh? I think i might try one of these home-remedy myself. hmm... I thank my lucky stars because its gonna be a long Chinese New Year holiday soon. Since I am not able to send Aydin to the daycare due to the highly contagious nature of the virus, at least I don't have to be absent from work because I am already excused.

Now, let me get back to wrestling with the little fella in order for me to get that lotion on him. Do you know how difficult it is to run after a toddler who just learn to walk and is not an expert in breaking yet?

Hard work i tell ya! Hard work...

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